Amazing benefits of cinnamon 4 all

Benefits of cinnamon

Benefits of cinnamon

Benefits of cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon are combined often to fight various infections. Daily use of these two products can prevent bacterial and viral infections and they help strengthen white blood cells. They can be drunk with water to heal colds and coughs and heal bladder infections. Honey and cinnamon paste can ease an aching tooth, cure acne, eczema, insect bites, ringworm and other skininfe ctions.

A study conducted by a group of surgeons found that a cinnamon oil solution was able to kill common infections – many of them found in hospitals. Some of these hospital-acquire infections are MRSA and streptococcus. Cinnamon oil was found to be as effective as antiseptics used to combat infections caused by these bacteria and could be used in hospitals. A similar study by French scientists found that cinnamon oil of 10% or less strength was able to fight various strains of bacteria, like E.coli and staphylococcus, resistant to conventional antibiotics
TIP: Did you know that chewing cinnamon sticks daily is very effective way totreat Gout?

Antibiotic Properties: Cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol. Cinnamon strengthens white blood cells and helps the body to fight off infections. Primarily used for diabetes symptoms and indigestion.
Collection & Preparation: Can be taken as juice, powder or prepared with food. Also can be bought as tablets and capsules.

Dosage: 1–6g per day for no longer than 6 weeks.

Possible Side Effects: Increased heart rate and palpitations.
Contraindications: Do not take if using blood-thinners such as Warfarin. Also avoid it if you experience prostate problems.

As shown above there are many benefits of cinnamon to use cinammon for a healthy life.

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