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grand Cayman islands

Grand Cayman Islands

grand Cayman islands

What’s so surprising about the three Cayman Islands at first is how un-British they are for a British territory – Grand Cayman seems straight from the US, with ubiquitous SUVs jostling for

space at upscale malls and US dollars changing hands as if they were the national currency. Think of it as a much more orderly version of South Florida. For many Grand Cayman is the Cayman Islands, with its glitzy shops, five-star hotels and lovely white-sand Seven Mile Beach. But go beyond its long western coastline and explore the low-key rest of the island to discover a Caribbean lifestyle. Or visit tiny Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, where life runs at a slow pace and the natural delights that see people coming back again and again – from birdwatching and hiking to diving and snorkeling – are never far away.

While synonymous worldwide with tax havens and beach holidays, the Cayman Islands appeal to those who want to avoid gaudy diversions and stop worrying after applying their sunscreen.

Top places in grand Cayman islands

Seven Mile Beach Although only 5½ miles long, this gorgeous strand of flawless white sand stretches north from George Town and anchors Grand Cayman’s tourist industry. It’s perfectly maintained and perennially popular.

Stingray City

This stretch of sandy seafloor in Grand Cayman’s North Sound is the meeting place for southern stingrays hungry for a meal. As soon as you enter the water, several of the beautiful prehistoric-looking creatures will glide up to you to suck morsels of squid from your tentative fingers. Local boat tours include snorkeling gear and stops at other sites.

Little Cayman

While most visitors head for Grand Cayman, tiny Little Cayman is a joy. With more resident iguanas than humans, this delightful island is the place to head for solitude, tranquility and the odd spot of extraordinary diving. The world renowned Bloody Bay Marine Park, with its plummeting vertical wall, is a must for divers. Beach bums should try Owen Island.

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