Travel to Argentina – Best 12 places to visit

Travel to Argentina

Travel to Argentina

While Argentina’s big cities have a lot of urban pleasures to offer (think cafes, purple jacaranda flowers draped over sidewalks, stylish residents of Buenos Aires, and handsome stone facades), their real purpose is to springboard travelers into the country’s greatest attraction: the natural world. From mighty Iguazú Falls in the subtropical north to the thunderous, crackling advance of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the south, Argentina is a vast natural wonderland. The country boasts some of the Andes’ highest peaks, several of which top 6000m near Mendoza and San Juan. It’s home to rich wetlands that rival Brazil’s famous Pantanal, mountains painted in rustic colors, deserts dotted with cacti, massive ice fields and arid steppes in Patagonia, cool lichen-clad Valdivian forests, glacial lakes, Andean salt flats, a spectacular Lake District, penguins, flamingos, caimans, capybaras and more. All unforgettable sights and adventures waiting for you to experience and be amazed by – and you will be, bet on that!

Travel to Argentina – Best places

Iguazú Falls
The peaceful Iguazú river, flowing through the jungle between Argentina and Brazil, plunges suddenly over a basalt cliff in a spectacular display of sound and fury that is one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights. The Iguazú Falls are a primal experience for the senses: the roar, the spray and the sheer volume of water live forever in the memory. But it’s not just the waterfalls; the jungly national parks that contain them
offer a romantic backdrop and fine wildlife-watching opportunities.

Quebrada de Humahuaca
You’re a long way from Buenos Aires up here in Argentina’s northwestern corner, and it feels a whole world away. This spectacular valley of scoured rock in Jujuy province impresses visually with its tortured formations and artist’s palette of mineral colors, but is also of great cultural interest. The Quebrada’s settlements are traditional and indigenous in character, with typical Andean dishes supplanting steaks on the restaurant menus, and llamas, not herds of cattle, grazing the sparse highland grass.

Glaciar Perito Moreno
As glaciers go, Perito Moreno is one of the most dynamic and accessible on the planet, but what makes it exceptional is its constant advance – up to 2m per day. Visitors can get very close to the action via a complex network of steel boardwalks. Its slow but constant motion creates an audio-visual sensation as building-sized icebergs calve from the face and crash into Lago Argentino. A typical way to cap off the day is with a huge steak dinner back in El Calafate.

Travel to Argentina

Cementerio de la Recoleta
A veritable city of the dead, Buenos Aires’top tourist attraction is not to be missed. Lined up along small ‘streets’ are hundreds of old crypts, each uniquely carved from marble, granite and concrete, and decorated with stained glass, stone angels and religious icons. Small plants and trees grow in fissures while feral cats slink between tombs, some of which lie in various stages of decay. It’s a photogenic wonderland, and
if there’s strange beauty in death you’ll find it in spades here.

Hiking the Fitz Roy Range
With rugged wilderness and shark-tooth summits, the Fitz Roy Range is the trekking capital of Argentina. Climbers may suffer on its windswept, world-class routes, but hiking trails are surprisingly easy and accessible. Park rangers help orient every traveler who comes into El Chaltén. Once on the trail, the most stunning views are just a day hike from town. Not bad for those who want to reward their sweat equity with a craft beer at the brewery.

Wine Tasting Around Mendoza
With so much fantastic wine on offer, it’s tempting just to pull up a bar stool and work your way through it, but getting out there and seeing how the grapes are grown and processed is almost as enjoyable as sampling the finished product. The best news is that wine tasting in Argentina isn’t just for wine snobs – there’s a tour to meet every budget, from DIY bike tours for backpackers to tasting-andaccommodation packages at exclusive wineries.

Location, location, location. Shimmed between the Beagle Channel and the snow-capped Martial Range, the bustling port of Ushuaia is the final scrap of civilization seen by Antarctica-bound boats. But more than the end of the earth, Ushuaia is a crossroads for big commerce and adventure. Snow sports brighten the frozen winters and long summer days mean hiking and biking until the wee hours. Happening restaurants, the boisterous bars and welcoming B&Bs mean you’ll want to call this port home for at least a few days.

Península Valdés
Once a tawny, dusty peninsula with remote sheep ranches, today Península Valdés is a hub for some of the best wildlife- watching on the continent. The main attraction is seeing endangered southern right whales get acrobatic and up-close; whale-watching tours actually attract these huge mammals. But the cast of ild characters also includes killer whales, Magellanic penguins, sea lions, elephant seals, rheas, guanaco and
numerous sea birds. There’s a ton to be seen on shore walks, but diving and kayak tours take you even deeper into the ambience.

Los Esteros del Iberá
These protected wetlands offer astonishing wildlife-watching opportunities around shallow vegetation-rich lagoons. Head out in a boat and you’ll spot numerous alligators, exotic bird species, monkeys, swamp deer, and possibly the world’s cutest rodent, the capybara – but no, you can’t take one home.

Colonial Salta
Argentina’s northwest holds its most venerable colonial settlements, and none is more lovely than Salta, set in a fertile valley. Postcard-pretty churches, a sociable plaza and a wealth of noble buildings give it a laid-back historic ambience that endears it to all who visit. Add in great museums, a lively folkloric music scene, and a fistful of attractions: that’s one impressive place.

Mar del Plata
Argentina’s premier beach resort is a heaving human zoo in summer – but that’s what makes it such fun. Compete with porteños (Buenos Aires residents) for a patch of open sand, then lay back and enjoy watching thousands of near-naked bodies worship the sun, play sand games or splash around in the surf. When the sun goes down it’s time for steak or seafood dinners, followed by late-night theater shows and nightclubs.

San Telmo
One of Buenos Aires’ most charming neighborhoods is San Telmo, lined with cobblestone streets, colonial buildings and a classic atmosphere that will transport you back to the mid-19th century. Be sure to take in the Sunday feria (street fair), where dozens of booths sell antiques and knickknacks, while buskers perform for loose change. Tango is big here, and you can watch a fancy, spectacular show or catch a casual street performance – both will wow you with their smooth style and amazing feats of athleticism.

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